Postcards from the Future

It’s 2018. Five years from now. One important change in how the government does things has made the system much more open.

That’s the scenario proposed to people who came to the OGP Ireland Consult meeting on July 10. “Answers on a postcard,” they were told.

Here are some of the messages from the future we received…

Hi, it’s Ireland 2018 and …
    • “All state agencies are required to make their data available online in machine readable format”

    • “I can brag to friends abroad about how well we’re doing instead of shamefully apologizing for how backward we are”

    • “Individual accountability within the civil service has become common practice and promotion and career advancement within the civil service and public service is entirely based on merit.”

    • “The government has passed, implemented and enforced the Protected Disclosure Act.”

    • “All government departments operate out of shared public access servers where at least a portion of their ‘internal’ files and folders are viewable to the public via the Internet.”

    • “The culture has changed whereby the government now buys into the importance of the immediate release of the data they generate.”

    • “Open knowledge foundation – Open Data made useful”

    • “Rebuilt trust by rebalancing of power with the introduction of citizens initiative giving citizens direct power to 1) proposed legislation in general or specifically including changes to or the replacement of our constitution and 2) object to legislation already imposed in whole or part to complement representative democracy model inspired by Canton of Zurich in Switzerland”

    • “Transparency in global food markets has improved. Governments and private sector must release data on stocks, reserves and anticipated food supply. This has reduced panic buying and food speculation, stabilizing food markets. Food is no longer just another commodity to be traded like casinos.”

  • “A much strengthened (SIPO) standards in public office or equivalent with powers enhanced to scrutinize all donations to politicians and parties above €10 controlling election expenditure with low limits, a level playing field, maximum number of posters/ leaflets etc., where information can be posted/sent, street postering strictly controlled. The SIPO controls conflict of interest laws, which are of the highest international standard.”
Postcards from the Future